Donation-NRI/Foreign Donors

Donation-NRI/Foreign Donors

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Avail Tax-Exemption Under Indian FCRA Grant

Kindly make a generous donation as it bringsbliss to one’s life.

Oneness is the ultimate truth of the universe, which enables you to overcome your own suffering, annihilate duality and enlarge comprehensible insights.

Life is never precisely as we would want it to be,

and this life is always, to some degree, unsatisfactory.

Ergo,curb your emotions,transform them into compassion, and insights into wisdom,

To overcome your own suffering, discontents, and attachments,

Optimistically, encourages faculties, derive cure, profound, cultivate, transmute

the Right Way and endeavour for inner contentment,

Accomplish serenity, Tranquillity, Equanimity, Quiescence, and

the state beyond Time and Space,

Eventually, find the ultimate intent of life, “ Nibbana ”

the true destination of our unconsciousness.

Patiently work at expanding the circle of Humanity, and

then all life.

Before you know it,

Fear will give way to Trust,

Despair to Hope,

Arrogance to Confidence,

Competitiveness to Cooperation,

Anxiety to Serenity, and

Folly to Wisdom,

You will shine as a beacon of light, by which others can also find ways.

Making a kind donation will raise your merits and helpyou to attain your ultimate destination, “ Nibbanna”.

Your kind donation will be used for various humanitarian projects, which is carried out by Pure Land Centre in India.

Donation receipt will send through email, within 24 hours. 

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