Meditation & Relaxation

Buddha Maitreya’s Pure Land Meditation Centre and Japanese Garden

Our centre wishes to provide everyone who visits with an experience of relaxation, peace and higher self-awareness by means of the simple and pure approach that Maitreya has been teaching for 50 years.

“Peace is the most important thing in our life. Meditation not only provides you peace, but also lets you be in touch with your inner self. The purpose of life for human beings is not just to pursue one’s “worldly” life but to realize one’s true self. It is for us to evolve from an ego-existence to self-awakened human beings. It is not a difficult task to achieve once we practice the right meditation.”

The pure meditation that Maitreya teaches, “The Way of Oneness”, is the direct path to fulfil the purpose of self-realisation for the individual, and to contribute to the spiritual evolution of mankind.


Kindly make a generous donation as it bringsbliss to one’s life.